VR CORPORATENEXT, held by VR GROUP, is a Corporate Advisory, Mediation and Trade company founded by Giovambattista Scuticchio Foderaro managing business operations and deals worldwide. In the years, VR, as engine of Public and International Relations, expanded the worldwide network in the universe of Trade and Corporate Management. Today, VR serves and drives companies, organizations and institutions with all tools needed during the foundation, the overall business & trade until the corporate closure operations. The share of opinions and connections acts to build solid and durable relationships, thanks to the Charity and Social Politics the net became bigger and more stable. Philanthropy has always been a revenue source, popularity increase or network strengthening, but will never be as big as the satisfaction of doing something good for a right cause or just for the accomplishment of a great economic deal. What goes around comes around, the VR aim is to satisfy every client, to reach and carry out all targets and give stable direction to a healthy and durable business.






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