Corporate Advisory is intended to provide a complete picture of the company prospective evolution, showing strengths and weaknesses. VR enhances an innovative approach to Enterprise with instruments such Accountancy & Legal Consulting, Mediation, SWOT & PEST Analysis, R&D, SP (Sprinkler Strategy), M&A, Integrity Management, Marketing & Communication based on the use of sector detection and sector benchmarking tools - both instruments provided in the industry and during the challenge "game" with competitors - that enable the entrepreneurs to develop their company.
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GOVERNANCE      .      MANAGEMENT      .      ACCOUNTANCY      .      LAW      .      COMMUNICATION      .     BRANDING
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. Legal Advisory

. Accounting & Auditing

. Integrity Management

. Tax Credit & Performance Monitoring

. Fiscal & Treasury Advisory

. PE & VC/SC, Investment & Funding Strategy

. Payoff & USP Design

Governance & Advocacy .

Stewardship & Control .

Mergers & Acquisitions .

SWOT, PEST and VRIO Analysis .

Sprinkler Strategy .

Waterfall Model Strategy .

Digital Transformation .


Strengths     .     Weaknesses     .     Opportunities     .     Threats

VR Corporate Advisory team goes for Strengths and Weaknesses analysis, the source of Opportunities and Threats, external matters to any company. A SWOT diagram analyzes a project or business venture by focusing on each of these factors. It typically consists of four boxes, one for each area, but the exact shape may vary depending on the design.

SWOT diagrams can be especially useful when trying to decide whether or not to embark on a certain venture or strategy by visualizing the pros and cons. By clearly outlining all positives and negatives of a project, SWOT analysis makes it easier to decide whether or not to move forward.



VR supports the Enterprises and the Entrepreneurs to live a profitable and sustainable journey, empowering the individual and collective commitments.


VR runs solutions and full service supply for Diplomatic and Intergovernmental organizations in order to ease overall duties and decrease the bugs.