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Helping Public, non-Public, private Security and safety organizations to address their most pressing challenges, as European and Extra EU operating league, VR, supports diplomatic and institutional entities through the supply of several services and serving program packs. VR approach combines a deep understanding of industry dynamics with advanced analytics and an unparalleled network of experts. 


Strategic Intelligence & Investigative Analysis .

International Law Targeting & Application .

Crisis & Risk Analysis .

Target & Area Analysis .

Intergovernmental & Diplomatic Affairs .

Bilateral & Multilateral Relations .

Forecast Analysis & Prevention Plan .

. Procurement & Provisioning

. Contractor & Surveillance Management

. Crisis & Risk Management

. Organizational Budgetary Tools

. Financial Monitoring & Control

. Telecommunication Support

. Ceremonial Organization & Support

VR optimizing procurement and contracting strategy, redesigning maintenance and supply chain processes, as well as reshaping administrative processes, offers to Public and private entities a stable and performing daily and auxiliary management.

Providing for equipment acquisition strategy, organization and structural design and processes control, VR delivers efficiency and effectiveness in land, air and naval fields.

VR builds the capabilities and culture needed to embed change for the long term by identifying organizational barriers to change and setting up any program/project/

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The VR Defense Manifesto through the analysis of the international standards and policies, regulations and law, paired with scientific and technical research, suggests a large cyber defense offer, evaluating the effectiveness of the wide instrumental supply provided by the global market.

VR runs solutions and full service supply for Diplomatic and Intergovernmental organizations in order to ease overall duties and decrease the bugs.



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