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VR offers a mix of excellent experts and advisors to face the challenges of the markets!

As European and Extra EU operating league, VR manages the assets and deals your profile processes. 


. Credit Management & Financial Loans​

. Banking & Venture Capital Investment Tools

. Trust & FA Safety Management

. Funds & Family Office Constitution 

. Capital Markets Advisory

. Corporate & Venture Budgetary Tools

. Real Estate & Asset Management Finance

Banking EU/Extra EU Management .

Debt Restructuring .

Investment Advisory & Monitoring .

Securities, Insurance & Bank Underwriting .

Stock Exchange & Bond Profits Monitoring .

Banking Crisis & ER Assurance Control .

Risk Management in Finance .

Enhancing the growth and competitiveness of your company, VR sets up your a financial forecast for any schedule and any market your plans are going to route in. Finance means promotion as well as Assets means stability: prudently managing your investments, the bank's liquidity and the today green and innovation ecosystem act to increasing the chance to build up a 100% sustainable entrepreneurship.