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ARCHIVIO FODERARO, established by Giovambattista Scuticchio Foderaro, President - CEO - Founder of VR Corporatenext, is an operational-personal achieving cluster closely and inextricably linked to Foderaro family history.

The political and entrepreneurial path of few family members turned and turns outstanding in Italy, among the European Community territories and worldwide. 

During the last decades they influenced the Italian foreign reputation through a wide compound of Bilateral and Multilateral cooperation and projects, Intergovernmental Relations, as well as Infrastructural, Agriculture and Tourism programs.



HEROES - An Awareness Campaign powered by VR to strengthen and uphold the Medical equipes, the Healthcare personnel and the Sanitary System of the weaker countries striken by Covid-19.

Enhancement campaign for fundraising in aid and support of: World Health Organization, Italia non profit, Croce Rossa Italiana, Cruz Roja Espanola and Samaritan's Purse.



Regolamenti, Reports, Statements, Informative e

Linee Guida per le Imprese ed i Cittadini.

A cura del CTS "Safety & Health" VR CORPORATENEXT.


For five legislatures, from 1948 until 1972, was elected deputy-legislator in the ranks of the Democrazia Cristiana. Lawyer and full professor of Constitutional and Public Law in several Italian universities. He mainly took care of two important topics: Transport and Italian-African relations. He was a member of several parliamentary commissions (Justice, Transport, Infrastructures, Constitutional Affairs, Southern Italy and Foreign Affairs), and many other legislative assignments. He was undersecretary for Transport in Tambroni and Forlani government. He fought to obtain infrastructural developments for South Italy, especially for Transport.


In 1952 he was sent by the Ministry of Education to Egypt and Lebanon for a cycle of conferences which he held in Cairo, Alexandria and Beirut, and in the following years he led two economic missions, one to West Africa (Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast), the other in South-East Africa and the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, South Africa and Kenya). President of the Italian Institute for Africa, he dedicated a very large number of essays and articles to the theme of relations between Italy and Africa, among which the three-volumes “The Constitutions of African States” - Rome (1968) stands out.


Since the '60s, after his main role access to the family business in local transport, South Italy, his journey in Tourism, Transport and international development for southern regions, giving birth to FODERARO Group with a worldwide leading role in the industries for decades until 2012 circa.

Nephew of Salvatore, among his national commitments in Italy, for Italian Tourism and Transport and foreign programs, he was founding member and Vice President of E.N.A.T., advisor and member of the Executive Committee of A.N.A.C., Director of E.N.I.T., President of F.I.A.V.E.T., member of the General Council, member of the Board, member of the Committee and President of the Tourism Sector of CONFCOMMERCIO.

He was charged of several other institutional and associational participations and assignments. He developed Tourism and Transport for the whole Italian territory all around the world, especially giving main and dominant showcase to the South in touring and holidays culture. Through the presidency of F.I.A.V.E.T. for few years he offered to the entire sector of Tourism an innovative and technical as well as strategic showcase to the whole Industry thanks to the educational general assemblies and gatherings took place mainly in Africa and Middle East.

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President, Founder and CEO of VR Corporatenext, is an Italian entrepreneur, corporate advisory strategist and philanthropist. In 2008 he established VR Group, a Corporate Advisory - Management - Trade companies league, today operating worldwide in more than fifty countries developing projects and cooperations between Public and private sectors, for EU and non-EU government bodies: VR Corporatenext, VR Asset Management, VR The Incubator, VR Production and VR Management. Grandson of Battista, during the first years of the VR paths he was hand in hand in the family business, the Foderaro Group, as COO. Since before the birth in 2008 of VR Group he used to live and establish branches, companies and projects in UK, several Maghrebi (NA), Mashrek (ME) and other African countries.
During 2016 Giovambattista gave birth to URBE Foundation, a private non-profit organization whose activity finds ideal roots in the work of cultural promotion and historical heritage protection. Among the main organizations in which he holds and has held roles in the past and lends his presence as partner, member, expert and technical advisor are mainly NATO, UNGC, Forbes Councils, Europeana Foundation, IoD, ERC, IED, ECA, UNI, NDIA, ASA, GCII, ADC, WMA, M.A.M.A. and minor organizations. 

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